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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

We may be biased, but we definitely have the best staff in the world! Face² and Cakeface would not be the places they are today without our incredible staff to cook, serve and welcome our lovely customers. Our community begins with staff which filters out to our customers - the vibe attracts the tribe (at least that's the word on the street!). This week, we want you to get to know our chefs a little more.

Cecile: A 21 year old French girl started out front of house in France with a goal to save money to travel. She quickly became interested in the kitchen side of the industry and began assembling food in the French restaurant. Her flair for flavours and ability to work in a

high pressured environment landed her experience on a Spanish boat serving tapas and from there in a French kitchen serving traditional food of her region and in a small start up restaurant. Cecile saved up enough money to go travelling and decided on Ireland. Soon after arriving in Kilkenny she dropped her first CV into Cakeface! The language barrier was difficult at the beginning but Cecile grew from strength to strength taking on the task of the Cakeface kitchen, despite not even knowing what a parsnip was!

Orlaith studied Forensic Science in UCC before she came to work at Cakeface. Orlaith began working front of house where she honed her latte art skills along with people management and customer service. Having an interest in food and experimenting in her own kitchen at home, she spent one day in our kitchen and loved it - there was no going back! It was clear Orlaith had an aptitude for flavour and a natural ability for savory cooking. It's hardly surprising that her creations are always full of flavour as her cuisines of choice are Indian and Italian. After spending some time in Cakeface, fine tuning skills and techniques, Orlaith started in Face².

Cintia: After a year volunteering in Ireland Cintia arrived on the door step of Cakeface looking for a job. She's always loved cooking and baking. We could say it's in her genes. Cintia started as a shy waitress but as soon as she got the chance, she moved into the kitchen where she came into her own. Cintia loves keeping her hands busy and always one to take on a challenge, which resulted in her moving into the Lab to be trained as pastry chef! After a few months, with the opening of Face², she took on the new challenge of truly mastering savoury, thus becoming part of the savoury chef team. 

Craig: In a previous life Craig studied Finance and Marketing before following his heart and going back to study to become a chef. In his time in college, he began working with Grow HQ. Craig is passionate about sustainability and proper cultivation practices which is why he flourished in this environment. Not only did Craig quickly climb the ranks in the kitchen, he also enjoyed teaching students about growing and cooking. Wanting to add "Fine Dining" to his repertoire, Craig moved to the Cliff House Hotel where he finessed his savoury skills. With a love for pastry, he wanted to bolster his skills and thus came to Cakeface to train and expand his knowledge. He is now in charge of creating a lot of the delicious creations our customers enjoy today.

So, that's our awesome kitchen team. We hoped you enjoyed getting a bit more of an insight into our team.

Stay safe folks.

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