Cakeface scone / Pastries / Goodies  Check out our goodies from Cakeface scones and treats to Face² Squares - you choose!

Nut Butter Toast Souredough toast served with homemade nut butter and granola crumble (Vegan)

Ultimate toast Slices of sourdough served with homemade nut butter, cinnamon poached apples, orange mascarpone & granola crumble (Vegan option available)  


The Eggy Bacon Blaa Our version of a bacon & egg butty but smothered in melty swiss cheese in a soft Waterford blaa                                                              

Smoked Salmon on Brown Soda Cakeface brown soda bread topped with creamy horse radish celeriac , Irish smoked salmon topped with lemon, dill and capers                                        

Halloumi Tabouleh Salad Marinated halloumi, zesty gusty tabouleh served on a soft flat bread and dressed with a herby green dressing                                                  

Authentic Herby Falafel Our herby chickpea falafel, tahini dressing, tomato & cucumber couscous and pickled veg all wrapped up in a tortilla wrap (Vegan) 

                                                                                     Open Irish Goats Cheese Sourdough Warm Seagull sourdough, thinly sliced pear, goats cheese, toasted walnuts , pickled chilies and drizzled with honey served with a fresh green salad   


Chorizo Melt Slices of chorizo, melty Swiss cheese, garlic & basil mayo, roasted cherry tomatoes and rocket served on a floury Waterford Blaa

Pulled Pork Blaa Our smoked BBQ pork, horse radish slaw, red peper relish and mixed leaves in a floury Waterford blaa                                                    

COFFEE In Face² we source fantastic coffee from roasters across Ireland and around the world, we always have two different beans on bar which are constantly changing. 

THE GOODIES Choose from one of our Face² squares!

TEA Irish Breakfast tea| Solaris Irish herbal tea Green/Earl Grey/Mint/Rooibos Chamomile     

DRINKS Help yourself to filtered water! Walshes Juices; Orange /Lemonade | Raspberry & Orange | Apple & Pear  

When coming up with the menus for FACE² we endeavour to work with as much local produce as possible. We’re always on the look out for new producers, if you are one or know someone, please let us know!